Samantha Jacober

I graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in acting and spent a lot of time in my twenties waiting around: for auditions, to hear if I got the job, and then on set. Although I love acting, the waiting didn't suit me. So I started working in design. I was doing all kinds of design work, production, interior, and editorial. Because of my love of the outdoors, I always used natural materials and objects in my designs. I remember the specific piece of wood that inspired me to make my first wood light.

I was styling an editorial for friends in Idyllwild, CA. We were wandering around through the woods looking for the perfect places to shoot and I found this amazing, very large piece of wood. I loved it so much that I dragged it home. It sat in my house for about a year before I decided to turned it into a light. It was the first piece I sold.

The oshibana paintings started after a trip back to my childhood home in PA where I found my old flower press. At the same time I was reading Haeckel's Art Forms in Nature. I decided to started using his drawings as inspiration for my pressed plant patterns.

Everything I make comes from my love of the great outdoors and a desire to promote patience, harmony with nature and powers of concentration in my life. Whether it be a light sculpture or an oshibana painting, each piece is a testament to the enduring beauty of nature.

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